Greenwich Bright
Greenwich Bright is a new centre for enterprise and innovation within the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities, run in collaboration with the University of Greenwich Business School, based at Digital Greenwich.

The aim of Greenwich Bright is to help local businesses and community groups to develop their projects and then use students with appropriate skills to deliver the work.

Greenwich Bright will support with the company to develop the project so as to maximise the benefit to the company, at the same time providing the student with valuable work experience related to their studies.

For more information, contact Phil Clipsham – Head of Enterprise

What does the scheme entail?

Greenwich Bright brings together the University, its students, local businesses and community organisations. It involves using the skills of Greenwich students to provide technical expertise, creative advice and bespoke projects for businesses.

Businesses can come forward with specific needs and Greenwich Bright connects them with students who have matching skills sets.  

What support do you get from the University?

The University houses the scheme within Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities and it is supported by the Business School.

The students are highly trained in their relevant subject areas by the university and get the chance to try this out in a new environment.

What are the motivations behind the scheme?

The University is producing students with high quality skills and good degrees but recognises how tough it can be for them to get a graduate level job without the relevant work experience.

It also realises that the University and its students have much to offer to local companies, organisations and charity groups who could benefit from using skilled students.

This is an exciting opportunity both for our students and for the local community. We have students who are highly skilled and ready to work. Giving students the ability to work with local organisations will be of enormous benefit, both to the students themselves and the organisations they work with.

Key benefits to the student

Students get to use and develop the skills they have gained through their courses in a work environment, allowing them to increase their employability. The following testimonials show the benefits as indicated by the students themselves:

The variety of work I experienced as part of Greenwich Bright, gave me a great start to my career. The scheme allowed me to work with industry professionals and specialists. -  Irena Yanachkova

As a pitch side cameraman, [at Charlton Athletic] I am on the ground and close to the game, which means I need to think quickly and efficiently when something unexpected happens. Developing this skill has helped me so much in my personal life and university work. I am grateful for Greenwich Bright for giving me this experience. I am proud to be a part of Greenwich Bright initiative. - Emily Cooke

Working with Greenwich Bright has given me the connections I need to advance in my career before I have even finished my final year at university. - Ryan O’Shea

Key benefits to the University

Greenwich Bright allows the University to secure high quality work experience to boost the employability of its students. The initiative also strengthens the links between the university and local businesses.

The University itself is also an employer of the students working through Greenwich bright and therefore benefits from using the expertise and skills of its own students.

Key benefits to the sector

Greenwich Bright is able to offer a range of skills and expertise across a number of specialisms.

These include copywriting and scriptwriting; marketing and branding, graphic design; web and app design; 3D design and animation; film and broadcast media; software and web application design and development; database development; big data; data modelling; data visualisation; security, forensics, and penetration testing; audit, compliance and governance; business analysis; built environment; legal support, architecture advice.