ChangeMakers Partnership Projects
UCL ChangeMakers provides support to departments with low student satisfaction rates, through offering them the opportunity to work with an ASER facilitator and to run a UCL ChangeMakers project on assessment and feedback (see case study 2).

The ASER facilitator works to increase the level of student input into the departmental Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) action plan. The ASER process involves departments analysing a varied data set, including data on student satisfaction (either NSS or PTES), widening participation, progression and retention. They then write an evaluation of their departmental provision and develop an action plan for the next year.

For more information, contact Dr Jenny Marie – Teaching Fellow

How many departments do you support?

The university aims to identify between 5-10 departments at UG and PGT level each year for additional support, which includes that provided by UCL ChangeMakers. In 2015-16 we supported 20 departments to have assessment and feedback projects at UG level. In 2016-17 we supported 7 departments through either an ASER facilitator or an assessment and feedback project.

What support do you provide?

We provide training to the ASER facilitators and give them a small amount of money to support their work. The assessment and feedback students receive training on assessment and feedback pedagogies and research ethics, support negotiating a project with their department and £500 project funding. We also offer the same administrative, pedagogic advice, research methods advice and training as for any other UCL ChangeMakers project.

What are the motivations behind the scheme?

The scheme is based on the hypothesis that if departments have lower student satisfaction, they probably have weaker levels of student engagement. The scheme is designed to raise student satisfaction, particularly with assessment and feedback by encouraging a culture of student engagement and partnership and by producing resources and materials to improve the student experience.

Key benefits to students

Students participating in the scheme have felt more engaged in both their department and their studies. They have developed a range of transferrable skills, including skills such as writing that are useful for their own assessment and feedback literacy. They have also gained a greater awareness of how universities operate

Key benefits to the University

Satisfaction rates in the Assessment and Feedback category increased by 5.2% on average in participating departments between 2015-16, compared to 3% for UCL as a whole; and 5.0% for overall satisfaction, compared to 1% for the university as a whole.

Outcomes of projects

Outcomes from the Assessment and Feedback projects included:

• Marker’s commentary

• Student’s commentary on feedback

• Feedback proforma

• Report on student satisfaction with assessment and feedback