ChangeMakers Partnership Projects
UCL ChangeMakers supports staff and students to work in partnership to enhance education at UCL. Enhancement projects can be put forward by either students or staff but we encourage them to be developed in partnership where possible. Funding of up to £1000 is available for project costs, plus we give participating students stipends, as a small thank you. The projects should all take forward UCL’s Education strategy, in particular the Connected Curriculum initiative. We select projects based on the breadth of impact they will have, their feasibility, potential to create sustained change and to be disseminated widely.

For more information, contact Dr Jenny Marie – Teaching Fellow

How many projects do you support?

Over it’s 3 year history, we have supported 103 projects. Over the next 3 years, the aim is to scale this up so that by 2019-2020 there are 90 projects running across the institution, with one at either UG or PGT level in every department.

What support do you provide?

We provide a mixture of administrative and financial support and pedagogic and research methods advice. Training is provided on research ethics and offered on a range of skills, such as: working in partnership, change management, persuading others, project management, teamwork, leadership, presentations.

What are the motivations behind the scheme?

The scheme designed to encourage a culture of student partnership in educational enhancement work across the university. This is seen as important for ensuring that educational enhancements best meet student needs, by bringing on board student perspectives throughout the development work. It is also seen as key to the university’s aim of creating cultures of student engagement and leadership, and students being partners in UCL’s future.

UCL ChangeMaker Projects: Student Belonging v2

UCL ChangeMaker Projects: Second Language Learning with Skype

Key benefits to students

There are numerous benefits for students - it can change their whole perspective on being a student from one of a consumer to one of partnership. It empowers them and creates a sense of responsibility for enhancing their community, while helping them to develop the skills to do so. It also gives them an insight into how a complex organisation, such as a university works and how it changes.

Key benefits to the University

The university has seen improvements in NSS overall satisfaction rates in departments with undergraduate projects: between 2015-16 this was 2.7% on average compared to 1% for UCL as a whole. It gains from developing more engaged, responsible, skilled students and from the growing culture of educational enhancement.

Outcomes of projects

Examples include:

Geography conference, where all members of the department (students and staff) contribute their work. For more information see:

Website on 3D printing created, which is used in Medical Physics courses:

New biomedical physics laboratory exercise.