Sheffield Hallam University
The Directorate of Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research at Sheffield Hallam University has a central focus on supporting and reporting on student engagement activities in the institution.

Our Directorate supports the overarching drive for a transformative student experience through its use of evidence-based research to identify and develop effective practices. We evaluate the real impact of activities intended to deliver excellence, working across the university community and in the sector, applying new and established research methodologies.

We use evidence-informed approaches to student engagement to create and share knowledge and good practice.

Our work has a number of focal points, including:

- supporting a partnership approach to addressing issues in Student Engagement

- developing approaches to Learner Analytics to support Student Engagement

- Student Engagement in internal assurance and enhancement activities (including student rep systems)

- designing and facilitating events and workshops for enhancing the Student Experience

- research expertise and consultancy, including working with students, to support educational development

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