Newman University
Newman University is a Catholic University located within a suburb of Birmingham.Currently there are 2500 students with 75% attending on a full -time basis, and 25% on a part time basis. 75% of students are female, and 25% are male. In terms of ethnicity, 62% are white, 10% black, 21% Asian.Over twice as many students declare themselves to be Muslims as declare themselves to be Catholic. An overwhelming majority of students are from low to very low geographical areas which have the lowest participation in Higher Education. 93% of students are classed as commuter students, having the same term time address as their permanent address. Newman University’s focus is on formative education: the development of the whole person through transformative learning. Our students are members, alongside our staff, of a diverse and inclusive learning community in which we respect individuals and promote their growth into valuable members of society, able to make a positive contribution wherever they find themselves. We strongly encourage the full participation of our students in our community; working in partnership with academics and professional staff in a spirit of mutual trust and respect. We will promote educationally purposeful student engagement through collaboration between students and staff.

For more information, contact Jane Beniston - Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) Course Coordinator

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