Jack Hancock
Jack studied Education Studies and English at the University of Winchester and he graduated in October 2016. His studies of interest include: Creative Pedagogies, the study of Multiple Intelligences and their application and the sociology behind accessibility to study within Higher Education.

Jack was previously Equality and Diversity Officer of Winchester Student Union, Chair of the Disability and Equality Interest Group (DEIG), a Student Fellow and a double Student Academic Representative for both his combined courses.

Past Projects

Student Fellows Project: The application of the theory of Howard Gardener and the Study of Multiple Intelligences to Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).

Final Year Dissertation: Using the Railways as an Illustration of Creative within Education.


Hancock, J. (2017) Do Graduates Need an Understanding of Change? Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change. Vol 3 (1). ISSN: 2055-4990.