Cassie Shaw
BA (Hons), PG Cert, FHEA
Cassie Shaw is the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Officer at the University of Winchester.

Cassie previously worked as the Research Officer (Student Engagement) in Academic Quality and Development, where she was responsible for Co-Directing the Student Fellows Scheme. She was also a Researcher on the REACT Project conducting the systematic literature review of ‘hard to reach’ students. Before this, she was the Student Engagement Assistant at Winchester Student Union, coordinating the Student Academic Representatives and Student-Led Teaching Awards.

Cassie is currently undertaking a PhD in English Literature and Philosophy.

Past Projects:
Play and Creativity Festival Committee member (2016-2018).

Co-Director of the University of Winchester Student Fellows Scheme (2016-2018).

Coordinator of the University of Winchester Student-Led Teaching Awards (2015 and 2016).

Coordinator of the University of Winchester Student Academic Representative Scheme (2014-2016).


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