Student Engagement and the REACT project
Student Engagement has come to mean many things to many people. It has been linked to student participation, involvement, commitment, effort and motivation; to Student Unions and to academic study; to developing new relationships between staff and students.

The REACT project narrowed the focus of Student Engagement to look closely at three specific student-partnership initiatives designed to support the academic growth of students and create collaboration beyond at a further twelve Universities.

This website represents the culmination of the REACT initiative. It offers case studies, tools and stories associated with the REACT programme, along with individual pages for each of the Universities involved.

The University of Winchester is known for its success in student engagement activities, such as the Winchester Student Fellows Scheme. Student Engagement is prioritised in institutional strategy to ensure innovation in the educational experience. The Student Fellows Scheme was Highly Commended for the HEA and NUS Students’ Union and Institution Partnership Award 2014 and the runner up for the Student Experience Guardian University Award 2015.
The University of Exeter now has an international reputation for its Students as Change Agents initiative, along with other innovative partnership practices. Exeter won the Small and Specialist Student Union Award 2015, the HEA and NUS Students’ Union and Institution Partnership Award 2014 and the NUS Academic Representation Award 2014.
London Metropolitan University have recently developed an institution wide Peer Assisted Student Success (PASS) scheme designed to benefit academic confidence, deeper understanding of learning, and a greater sense of belonging to a university community. This is to assist with the transition into Higher Education, as an means of enhancing attainment and supporting retention.

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